Quality Control

We export our products in UK, Japan, Indonesia & Bangladesh.

Current Development :
We have started exporting Rasagolla(Molasses) in Iraq.
Export of Rice Pudding(Ready to eat) in Japan is on process.

^ The Times of India
Our sister concerns
Bawarchi, our sister concern,a progressive fast food & Restaurant chain, is rapidly growing with eight existing franchisee presently. There are more significant areas where we are concentrating with a dignified presence in market like furniture, interior & exterior decoration, hotels & Guest Houses and water purification unit.
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Distinguished people of West Bengal and India besides T. V. Shows, news paper dailies have highly appreciated the innovative products of M/S Hindusthan Sweets and the uncontested leader Mr. Rabindra Kumar Paul, the kingpin in all these affairs. Sri Utpal Roychowdhury, former head of Food Technology Department, Jadavpur University, revealed in a press conference which was published in 'Business Standard' that "A global research is on for therapeutic foods in the West. Due to high cost of medicine, there is a compelling need to find cheaper alternatives through food supplements. Many herbal items posses anti-oxidants stress and strain". These herbal products - "Nutraceuticals" - has been named by Sri Chowdhury. These new generation of Herbal sweetmeats will mark the mark the dawn of prescription sweets. We won't be surprised if doctors prescribe herbal sweetmeats as source of nutritional supplement and high food value items in coming days.

Bengali dailies like Ganashakti, Pratidin, Ajkal, Bartaman, Anandabazar besides Hindi dailies like Sanmarg, Prabhat Khabar, etc. has held a high opinion about our products and their processing. We have already achieved a good market in Bangladesh, Mauritius, Israel, Japan, U.S.A., and inviting franchisee. Supply of pollution free pure Sweetmeats is our motto.

Bengal's Rasagolla get carrotene boost. ---The financial express. August 9, 2003.
Carrot, Beat & Soya are the new raw material for Misty.--- Business Standard. August 9, 2003.
Hindusthan Sweets Jadavpur going to be the first ISO 9001-2000 sweetmeat manufacturer in India.--- Statesman. August 11, 2003.
Herbal Sweet promises relief for patients.--- The Times of India. August 9, 2003.
Carrot Rasagolla to inprove eye sight.--- The Telegraph. August 9, 2003.
Herbal touch for sweet tooth with healthy roots.--- Hindusthan Times August 9, 2003.
Hindusthan Sweets offers Herbal Misty, a curative wonder.--- Hindusthan Times. August 9, 2003.
Say Goodnight to sleeplessness with a sweet bite.--- Hindusthan Time.s September 17, 2003.
Medicinal Rasgullas to hit market in Kolkata this week.--- New Indian Express. August 6, 2003.
Herbal Sweets, the rollicking remedies for various ailments.--- Indian Express. August 9, 2003.
Anidra dur korte bazare elo sandesh.--- Protidin. August 9, 2003.
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Amongst the various innovative actions taken by Hindusthan Sweets & Concern, invention of Herbal Sweets has marked an era. Click here for details.
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Our team leader who masterminded all the plans and projects, Sri Rabindra Kumar Paul, deserves a high credit service to the humanity and suffering people with different ailments has always been our motto since the inception of the organization. Click here for details.
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Hindusthan Sweets & Concern, over half a century, has been serving consumers with delicious Bengali sweets. Click here for details.
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